Tip: Double Tick for Emails – Using MailTrack

I came across this insanely useful tool a good couple of weeks ago while I was randomly browsing the Google Web Store. It’s called MailTrack, and like the name says – it’s a fully working, customizable, high functioning plugin for your browser (well, GMail).

Add “read” checkmarks to GMail, to follow who opens your email AND when (?!!).

I find it particularly useful, specially for some important emails like when I send my CV to somebody, or email an important person like the HOD regarding a leave etc. It helps to know for sure that your email has been read or links have been clicked on or files downloaded.  I think it’s a must use for someone who sends a lot of emails.

Just one thing to remember – You’ll have to send the emails from the desktop browser you’ve added the extension on for this to work. It’s not a portable thing (yet) so this is a must or the tracking won’t even get activated.

It’s free for lifetime, though the free version adds a “Sent using Mailtrack” line in the end of your email. You can simply go ahead and delete that normally like removing plain text. But do go ahead and buy the premium one, it’s worth it.




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