Tip: Machine Learning is a Revolution

A few common but very, very important questions that remain every year, where the only thing that changes is the year itself are as follows:

  • What’s the most sought after job in 2017?
  • What skill is most desirable for 2017?
  • What career path should I pursue in 2017?
  • Latest trend in 2017?
  • Which is the breakthrough technology of 2017?
  • Which skill can give me a big salary?

    Here’s the answer 2017 has for you: Machine Learning!

    Yes that’s right. It’s everywhere, and now on my blog too. It’s been on my mind as well, and in your hands. Machine learning has made it’s presence felt in almost every field. It’s a revolution in how things work today. It’s present day technology that makes the future seem so bright.

    It’s not easy though. Let me confess – I tried for a couple of days to get involved a bit in this – learn a little here and there, see how difficult it was to pick it up… and it is, it really is. It’s not simple to understand, or to implement. A lot of hard work will be required if you decide to pursue this as a career option – but the rewards are tremendous and very generous.

    To put it in short and sweet – pursue a career in this field if you still have a chance, you won’t regret it!


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