Tip: Machine Learning is a Revolution

A few common but very, very important questions that remain every year, where the only thing that changes is the year itself are as follows: What's the most sought after job in 2017? What skill is most desirable for 2017? What career path should I pursue in 2017? Latest trend in 2017? Which is the... Continue Reading →


What are ACID properties, really?

If you're studying (or working on) SQL there are high chances you've come across this term before. In fact, you should have, as it's really important to be aware of these properties. ACID is an acronym for 4 properties that are interconnected on some level. These are: Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability What I'm going to... Continue Reading →

A General Message

Hey there, This is definitely cliche. I doubt there are too many blogs out there that haven't started with a "general" message such as this. It's almost a mandatory thing. Since it isn't always wise to stray away from tradition, I'm going to do no different - Welcome to my blog! Honestly, I've started this... Continue Reading →

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