Building Dynamic Modals in Bootstrap

A Modal Dialog - The Modal plugin provided by Bootstrap is a dialog box/popup window that is displayed on top of the current page. The fancy, attractive, high functioning version of an alert box. If used properly, modals can be extremely advantageous, can help reduce the number of pages, reduce effort, and looks really good too! And best of all, they have so many use cases.


Creating Own Variables inside a Django Template

For all those who have used the Django Framework to make anything, you're probably familiar with the rules that come along with it. One of the most important things to remember when using Django is that too many calculations aren't allowed in the Template. The developers have this enforced on purpose. They feel that all... Continue Reading →

How To: Create Custom HTML Element

An exciting feature I came across recently, which is kind of cool really, is creating your own HTML elements. To be honest, this is only useful or beneficial to those developers who love DIY things, or those that really believe in semantics. However, generally speaking - semantics is good! Naming conventions exist because it is... Continue Reading →

CSS Opacity Trick

One of the most underrated ways of defining color using css is rgba. Majority of the crowd defines colors directly by providing the Hex values (#000 etc). Not many know the actual power of rgba. Alpha and Opacity, they're totally different! Yes, you read that right. Using opacity¬†affects all children elements as well. Therefore, if... Continue Reading →

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