How To: Create Custom HTML Element

An exciting feature I came across recently, which is kind of cool really, is creating your own HTML elements. To be honest, this is only useful or beneficial to those developers who love DIY things, or those that really believe in semantics. However, generally speaking - semantics is good! Naming conventions exist because it is... Continue Reading →

CSS Opacity Trick

One of the most underrated ways of defining color using css is rgba. Majority of the crowd defines colors directly by providing the Hex values (#000 etc). Not many know the actual power of rgba. Alpha and Opacity, they're totally different! Yes, you read that right. Using opacity¬†affects all children elements as well. Therefore, if... Continue Reading →

A General Message

Hey there, This is definitely cliche. I doubt there are too many blogs out there that haven't started with a "general" message such as this. It's almost a mandatory thing. Since it isn't always wise to stray away from tradition, I'm going to do no different - Welcome to my blog! Honestly, I've started this... Continue Reading →

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